Tuesday, 3 December 2013

26th September to 8th October, Montargis

Little to show for this time, because I suppose we knew Montargis well and were revisiting familiar haunts.  So few pix, just this of a window display of food!
I know, their displays are quite mouth-watering.  So were the patisserie displays, but they seem to all have curved windows that reflect too much so my pix are not worth showing.  Next time I'm outside one with a camera I'll take one. 

Then I just have a picture of the lovely boat moored next to us in Montargis, lovely to look at but built in Turkey, with all the problems that went with that of poor equipment.  It was so wide it should've been ugly, but it was done so well, and the wood was lovely.  We weren't invited indside sadly.
Then we had to say goodbye to Montargis, for a while at least, and friends there kindly took a picture of us just before departure:

It seems I stayed in shorts for a long time, certainly quite a while after this!  It was a really solid frost here last night, the first we've had, as I'm writing this on 3rd December!  Anyway, back to catch-up.

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