Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Having problems with my laptop hence our last two visits to view our boat await a solution;  this blog entry is from another computer.  I will put photo's of the two visits and lots more when my laptop problem is sorted, hopefully this week!  Altogether, the boat is going well, with a few panics.  She is called Archangel, which name is registered now with the Small Ships Register (we have the certificate) and reserved with the Environment Agency (the only Archangel on their register!).  Also Nik & I are now each RYA qualified Day Skippers, having done 4 days of solid theory (with a bit of practical on a yacht thrown in!).  Next we go on a 1-day Ship's Radio course;  I've registered Archangel's VHF Radio Licence, so have such exciting things as an MMSI, a unique Call Sign for it, and an ATIS (it tells other ships who you are and tells you who they are!).  Lots more later!