Tuesday, 3 December 2013

12th to 13th October Rogny-les-Sept-Ecluses

This was an even smaller place than Chatillon-Collingny, and what facilities it had were in a state of suspended animation (closed).  We walked quite a bit in case there was something to see, and the rain pretty much held off.  We had to pay for the mooring, power and electric, whether you wanted it or not, 12 Euro/night, but I think they undercharged us a little so don't bank on that price!  Nik is nearly obscuring us:
Rogny's claim to fame is the locks of its name, a sequence of 7 staircase locks, so called because you climb from one into another, without a break, and you can only go all the way in one direction.  This is limiting, but the system was build by Henry IV in 1604 so you have to give them credit for that!  No, look at this:
Oh, and they look pretty impressive, the remains of them that is, nobody uses them now, as the one way traffic makes them inefficient (they now have 6 more normal locks instead).  Here's how it looked from the top:
The last one is behind me:
Here is the view looking from the village itself:
And just when you thought I couldn't find another reason to show you this fine set of derelict locks, here is the view while we were steaming past them to leavce Rogny, on the way to the first of the 6 new locks:
So there you have it, we're on our last leg, a long leg, to our winter mooring in Briare, which is next, bet you can't wait!

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