Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas present

All present and correct, except we're still clinging on to our house and only visiting Archangel.  Only just tho'.  We start to live aboard in the next few weeks;  our few visits have shown we still have a few problems, including water in the bilges, possibly from the seal where the drive shaft goes thru', but certainly a leak of engine coolant (which is pink!).  That certainly is new, and means we dare not use the engine until it is found and cured.  I put several litres into the expansion tank a week ago and yesterday it was dry.  Time for a picture, showing the two pieces of furniture bought expressly for the space:

The carved chair and shiny table in fact.  Yes, I know, there's a cat, Bollinger.  It was his trial visit, and pretty much at home right away. We were surprised the chair went down the stairs (just!) which was good as it was raining (not forecast!).  We had plans for more jobs, but time, weather and fortune were against the idea, also we helped another couple whose barge was trying to leave the mooring due to the high current around them;  the Thames is again flooding into the marina and takes the shortest route to the fields.  It took some time and more ropes to secure them close enough for safety.  Another snap:

I refer you to earlier, tidier versions of this, but detailed examination will show bookcases pretty much filled, That Cat again, rheindeer hearth rug, plus 2 chairs and table.  Exciting stuff!  No, I mean, I've not put on an  up to date view for ages, and it wasn't 'staged'.  So the outboard is out and locked on, the inflatable deflated and dumped in a too-small hold awaiting relocation, and we just have to move onboard the remaining detritis of our lives before vacating home to make Archangel our long-term new home.  Pix:

Bollinger looks as tho' he's always been there!
The chair also fits in beautifully
Bye for now!