Monday, 28 October 2013

25th September 2013, Return to Sully-sur-Loire Chateau and Moret-sur-Loing

I did promise you some views of this place, tho' after Pierrefonds it may seem a bit of a let down, but we do have a couple of interiors from this, our second visit there.  First the outside views:
This is actually only the right hand bit of it, but I liked the reflections off the moat!  Then:
Which gives you the scale, and as you can see the day is not so good as yesterday's visit to Pierrefonds, so it made perfect sense to 'do the tour'.  Lots of walking, views from high up along the covered-in walkways, but without sun they were a bit lacklustre, so here's and inside:
Many other nice rooms, but this was our favourite;  at the top of the castle is a huge hall, bare but with a very impressive roof:
This runs most of the length of one side of the castle, look back at the outside pictures.  Then there's the inside courtyard.
That great hall is top left!  We walked along the outside edge of that crenelated edge to reach it, all covered but with a clear view between the stones on our right, down to the moat.  Doesn't photograph well tho'!
One was okay:
In chronological order, that is, the order in which they came to us on the map, the above was the afternoon, and the morning was spent near the boatyard where we were twice lifted for prop' replacement, this place was Moret-sur-Loing, a very beautiful place, and best visited out of holidays, as we did here:
We parked just about here, and walked about the town most of the morning:
Then Nik pointed out to me the house I'm apparently going to buy her:
I don't think I've much choice, better start saving now.  You can see how she made me walk the plank:
That water looks cold, I remember saying;  and the can is my last request drink, before the drink...
After a few promises of down payments, we were allowed to settle down at a cafe (the one who'd offered us a free drink and cake had shut up for the season, it's "Behind Me!":
So we went for a walk, this floral offering is just in front of the town loos, nice eh?
You can just see the sense of triumph there!  Anyway, it was a lovely end-of-summer time.  That evening we were back to Montargis for a rest.

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