Sunday, 4 November 2012

This will be a short entty, as I don't have many new pix of the boat, as it hasn't moved much, just to the usual moorings up and down from Reading!
So what did I mean by chaos, well it's less so now that we've decided what to do this Winter.  First a pic, just to break matters up:
This is just another pic from the rally organised by our boat builder to launch their new one.
The chaos is really complicated to explain properly, because it's caused by all the canal closures in UK and France, by how hard it is to get a decent mooring in France, also we haven't let our house yet;  also we wanted to accomplish a few tasks, which is much easier while we are local, whether Reading or Bampton.  Another pic, from the previous DBA Rally at Mapledurham:

I took this really for the photo competition but I didn't have any means of uploading it onto the computer they used to register the entries, and neither did they, but at least it meant I had a reason to make some more interesting pictures!
Anyway, the upshot is that we've decided to stay on the Thames, at T&K Caversham Marina chiefly, right up until the locks open again as they will in early March.  Access downstream was to close 1st November, just now delayed to 5th, but also the Thames has been so high and fast that going downstream has been a real challenge and danger to those who decided to make the dash to France.  Overall we're pretty happy to have made a decision that allows us to take our time about things.  Another pic:

Just a pic of the two of us resting on the bank way back when there was a touch of Summer.  By for now!