Friday, 24 February 2012

Our friendly, local electrician is doing really well, and has the bonus that we're obliged to sort lots of our stuff into the bargain!  There is always the possibility of some problem arising, but lots of things have gone well;  we now have new fuse boards and some of the lighting is updated.  We have our bedroom 'back', but the rest of the house is still in turmoil.  It turns out that the electrician who did our extension in '93 was playing fast & loose with the regulations, connecting new PVC wires to old rubber cables!  Luckily we've found out where, so we don't have to re-wire the extension light system.  We're now starting to allow ourselves some "dream-time" to consider what our new life will be like.  Hard to believe it really is happening!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Our new Dutch Barge looks like this (apparently); doesn't hold water but it's rather early days yet!  

This is the stern (the back bit!) showing the rear poop-deck (Burdock!!) above the Engine Room:

Here we have the bow (pointy end, well fairly) showing how it slices through the waves!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

So this is the first entry I've made into any blog, and it's meant to be the start of our New Life diary!  Being our adventures in Europe on board our Dutch Barge (insert name here! tba) which is only at the steel shell stage of construction.  We're now settled on most every feature in and on the boat, and how we finance it.  The house clearance is now going into full Panic Mode, with our electrician coming in two days to start converting our wiring, fuse board and trips from early 19th to current technology.  We must have this to allow us to rent out the house, pretty important part of our income stream!  I'll make this short, and next time should be able to include a picture of a steel structure which should separate us from the waterways we travel.