Tuesday, 3 December 2013

9th to 12th October, Montbuoy to Chatillon-Caligny

The journey was short, and it rained almost all the time we were there, so that while we remember it, and quite a nice market (in the rain) and a very adequate and relatively inexpensive lunch in a nearby Hotel (out of the rain), I find we didn't have anything to take a picture of.  Maybe the sun'll shine next time.  It could be nice in good weather, I expect!

Then, en route to our next overnighter, we encountered some wildlife:
Nik tried to feed them, this was while we were in the lock, and a bit vulnerable really:
Then it was my turn, and I can tell you they were keen, on my fingers as well as the food:
It was a little distance so we had a lunch stop.
The white boat is a Penichette (we are a Peniche, so they're a little one of us, really?).  These are hire boats, short enough to hire to users who are not licensed, and who (as in UK) treat the boat as a dodgem.  We saw many who were seriously damaged, and their internals were usually in a pretty poor state, if working at all!  Nonetheless, a useful way to try before you buy, had we known about it in time, and a lot of accommodation in a small space.  Now we have a long way next day, so arrive at our next stop, Rogny, in good time, about 1pm, avoiding the locks closing.

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