Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I'm embarrassed to be so late with this blog entry;  to keep in chronological order I'll just report on the delivery and launch at Caversham's Thames & Kennet Marina.  We had some pix from the boatbuilder of Archangel's departure, where you will notice it has just the steel part of the wheelhouse in place (the higher wooden parts are stowed in the saloon) as you can see:
We had seen her outside with her wheeelhouse when we stayed aboard her a week before:

So then on to the launch:

That crane has a 50 tonne capacity, just as well !
Next into the water:

So that's Archangel's first experience of being afloat, and she did, and no leaks (not that we know of!).  The next step was for the boatbuilder team to fully erect the wheelhouse, and then motor her around to the mooring I'd just booked.  First the wheelhouse:

Then later, we took Burdock to view Archangel.  In our haste we forgot to take the keys, so he only saw the outside but soon settled down (more than can be said for the weather):
How beautiful?  Which one I hear you ask, well, everything of course!
That's all for now.