Tuesday, 22 October 2013

1st & 2nd September 2013, Cepoy bye bye

These first pix are just to show Bollinger regaining his confiidence (and weight) quite quickly (despite the insult done him by the cattery) the sturdy old cat we knew, and who has become so important on Archangel;  however he still needed us to 'walk' him, and didn't stray many yards from where we took him:
Now I look, I can see he's still pretty thin (versus now and before), rather a delicate cat for a while;  we spoilt him from here on, so he has permanent access to our bedroom.  Then Nik took him for a walk:
Then back on board for the off;  there was a super market in the square which we shopped at, small but perfect and very friendly.  First Bolly comes back aboard (yes it's a bit obsessive about him just now!):
Then we sail off inimpeded by closures, well, that's what we thought anyway!
So confident now that I was able to get off and take pix in the lock, as follows:
This was one of the last locks before our scoot to Montargis, where our mooring was very convenient, but not too impressive, so we didn't even take a picture (next to the Bricolage (DIY) and cinema.

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