Monday, 28 October 2013

10-23rd September 2013, extended UK visit

I had to return once again to UK for my new teeth to be added ! My first implant and its neighbouring and supporting crown - a bit tricky, this to be the final stage.  I was apprehensive.  Now I barely think about it, so natural does it feel.  Excellent dentist!  So the return should have been a week, but I thought I'd make the car hire much longer as it's handy having it locally, and it's much cheaper to hire it for longer at the start!
We visited a chateau at Sully-sur-Loire, but as it usual, despite what the publicity said, it was closed.  So you'll see a few pix of that later, as we visited it again after our return!  The UK trip included a nice visit to Nik's friend Liz at Rochester, it was a lovely day.  A fellow diner clearly had never seen a camera before:
Nicola also pictured her cats, who are very pretty, some rather shy of the camera, others not:
Francis and Mumtaz came down for the day, which was good of them, so we had a family reunion:
The stay was meant to be a week, but became two due to a rather urgent need to help son Marius procure a replacement car for his clanky Honda Jazz, and it seemed that an Audi A3 with the current big grill was the only one that would do!  This we did, and it meant we could stay on to see our many with similar boats, at the now annual gathering organised by the makers;  we arrived for the Saturday party, and Tony had enough drink to think he could dance!
There are many other pictures I'd love to show you of us visiting other dear friends around Bampton, but I'm always apprehensive of publishing faces of our friends from private gatherings (I know Liz won't mind the above).  So sorry, that's all I have for this entry, covering nearly 2 very busy weeks!

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