Monday, 20 May 2013

And another thing... on the morning of Friday 17th May, about 5.14 am, when I thought I might be gradually recovering from my falls, we are awoken by a loud, very loud sound.  In fact I think all the boats around and any riverains would have been pretty alarmed by this noise.  My first thought is that an alarm that I don't know ahout has gone off, perhaps CO, or a bilge flood, or battery flat or whatever.  So I leaped out of bed - big, really and truly very big mistake.  I can't do any such thing, not without a major rebuild/surgery or structural damage.  But I do.  We all do.  We move rapidly thru' the boat, seeking the source, but it seems to be everywhere.  I move to the wheelhouse, suspicion dawning.  We did something different last night../

We shut Bollinger in the wheelhouse to keep him from disturbing us and scratching the door.  When I got there, all the silly toggle buttons just beside him (who, me?) had been depressed, except the under-achieving, mincing little windscreen wiper.  So we'd been burning the electric for some time, but the one that he'd tripped at this unholy hour was the horn on the mast.  Very embarrassing.  You may see in the pic that I used a perfectly shaped and length piece of rope to wedge under the buttons to prevent any recurrence.
Another pic, to show that She has come home:

Anyway, we're still here, awaiting more Aussie friends just flown in today, 20th, whom we expect to visit us tomorrow.  Also because the outlook for any crossing is decidedly poor, too windy, as well as wet and cold, but mostly windy.  So we wait, enjoying the local ambience, and doing more on the tasklist!

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