Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Wow, crumbs, lots have happened since the last entry.  To cut to the chase, we're in Dunkirk/Dunkerque after a 3 day trip from Teddington, but I'm skipping an awful lot.  Way, way back in Windsor, when we tried to leave to go downstream for a possible crossing, we confirmed that Archangel was solidly aground!

Woops, what was that?  I think we all know...  You can see it in London, if you are on a boat that is.  So anyway, after walking/talking to the local lock keeper who showed us how their (EA) excessive water level changes had let us wander onto higher ground,  an EA boat whooshes upstream so after 15 minutes of my two motors working and his then we were free!  Next step was Teddington lock, in the hippy community. 
Hey, another picture, quite clearly not Windsor Castle.  Bit of a dull day. So we met the pilot aboard, and decided to leave there a day earlier, making us rush to meet Nik's uncle in Kew for dinner - so nice.  We moved down on Friday to moor outside our pilot Mark's tug, on Eel Pie Island, Twickenham.  He came aboard at 7am Saturday 1st June, taking advantage of tides and that day, well, as you can see, we went down to London.  Where we saw:
The part with all the monuments goes very fast!  We were doing about 10 knots, due to the good tide.

I know that!  HMS Belfast of course.  We felt kind of small.  By the way, they didn't open the bridge for us.
Look at these:

Yes, that's a bit upstream, but interesting form of new dwelling don't you think.  Pretty impractical as a boat, but London is a strange place when it comes to accommodation.  I've lots more, but I must publish soon as I have to go back to Dunkirk - oh, didn't I mention that?  Well, more on that next time.  Where is this?

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  1. Glad you're over safely. Can't wait to hear all aobut it! Lots of love, Bx