Friday, 17 May 2013

The Bank Holiday Monday was lovely, meaning lots of boats on the river, so we decided to delay until Tuesday going downstream in preparation of a possible crossing on 14th May or thereafter.  Francis & Mumtaz had to return on Sunday (work!) but it was nice to have the other 2 boys with us:

So we said our farewells to each of the boys later that day and Tuesday morning we began our downstream trip, passing some lovely places, including Bisham Church, where we were married (no comment):

Other lovely sights too of course, the family you always wanted but dreaded when it came?:

We lost count too.  Then there was Bisham Sailing School, who taught us 1st Aid and Helmsmanship:

We also passed where Nik's father Luke, alias Fairy, worked, Harleford Marine:

I'm a bit ahead of myself, we actually spent the night moored up at Crookham, where we found a lovely pub called the Kings Head, dog friendly, excellent food and really quite reasonable prices.  I'm not just saying that because the boss kindly gave us a bottle of champagne (we had Burdock with us, and Nik was sporting I'm 60 badge!).  Oh I forgot, going near to T&K (Reading) we managed to not hit a good friend on their training day, so here's a picture of their boat, Lucie:

Lovely isn't she!  I mean the boat.  Now I know you'll say this isn't up to date, and you're right, we've motored a lot and moored a lot since then, but I think I'll quit while I'm ahead!  Bye for now.

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