Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Wow, a lot has changed since the last visit.  We've been twice in quick succession, but first I'll try a picture as the last time I tried it failed to insert it!  Here goes:
So you can see the wheelhouse is now in place and the steel is painted shiny Flag Blue, just awaiting a white line above the rubbing strip.  This was how it looked yesterday (Monday 25th June) when we visited;  we went to meet the signwriter, to ask him to make it like Marius's design (font and letter A).  I'd attach his Photoshop image (which looks lovely) but it's a bit large and might just not load!  The deck is blue now, but it will be done in non-slip grey.  The oak floor in the wheelhouse is good, so we have to keep it that way.  I'll post this now, but just add a picture of the inside of the wheelhouse, from the outside!

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