Thursday, 14 June 2012

Our visit on 13th June to view Archangel was also to bring up the bathroom flooring, and the sound & TV system for installation;  these last helped clear a little bit of space in our crowded and confused house!  We were again very pleased with the lovely work they have done to realise our dream.  The pictures a bit messy because of lighting (big fluorescent tubes!) and all the parts, wires, etc., but I hope you can see through that to the beautiful interior emerging:
The portholes are not in place yet, but just look at the lovely wood colour and how it goes with the white panelling!  It keeps looking better.  This is our bedroom;  the other way is a bit less tidy and I had to put my hand in the way of the light tube!
The saloon is harder to see, but the view from the side-cabin gives an idea of how much move feeling of space is given by Tad's idea of opening it up into the saloon-galley:
and the view the other way, from the galley, is a bit better, showing two of the bookcases in place (but awaiting doors):

The engine and generator are now in place, which is comforting!:
The outside is similar to before, with a bit of wood inside it;  the hinges for the fold-down wooden wheelhouse are there.  They have fitted it apparently, but keeping it apart keeps it from harm while there are so many trades on the boat in the last minute rush.  It is supposed to launch at Caversham on Independence Day, 4th July, assuming all is done.  We have to inspect it before and are supposed even to spend a weekend 'aboard' in the boatbuilders back yard (not on water) which would be very odd.  That way they can deal with all the snagging issues in their workshop rather than a long way off!  Good idea when you put it like that.  Watch this space!

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