Monday, 11 June 2012

We visited the boatbuilder on 14th May to view progress;  the outside looks similar but a lot has changed inside, as you can see:
We really like the wood grain and colour;  the little nook in the corner is our bijou wet-room (shower, sink, loo!)  Then there's lounge, sorry Saloon:
I'm at the end of the corridor leading to the bedroom, passing the main bathroom on the right.  The big opening on the left is into the Side-Cabin which will have folding doors so they can be opened when no-one's using it as a second bedroom, so it can be used as living space.  Nice idea from Tad.  The big white-edged pink thing to my left is the diesel tank for our coal-effect fire/stove.  I should mention that our portholes are not really made of paper!  Then behind the camera is the next view:
So we have stairs from the Wheelhouse, then on the right is the space for the fridge-freezer with a microwave on top, eventually. I looked for the engine in the engine room, but found it at the front, in its box:

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