Monday, 1 December 2014

Paris, May, what more? The Pick of the pix what we took!

I know, you've seen enough Paris.  Well, you're wrong, it's inexhaustible;  first, better view of Paris Port:
That gold thing up there is the Bastille monument!  Behind me is the Seine and:
It's the view that makes the creatures so amazed! Of course they dance a lot in Paris:
Come rain or shine:
They walk a lot, well we did, in this case the walkway was in the air (an old railway line) just close by:
A thorn between, er, rose between, er, moving on. If not waling they go by Metro, where they get hungry:
In Paris the Samaritans are moslem;  impressive. Our walking took us to the Festival du Pain for breakfast:
This were the prize winning items, but we could at last see how top quality patisserie should look.  Our walking took us to the Curie Museum.  They worked in awful conditions;  recognition by USA led to this:
Or something like it. Sometimes we cycled to reach the more distant places, e.g. this extraordinary park:
If we were lucky, then we'd find a quiet restaurant we could afford:
 With a little accompaniment:
It's really, really small, made specially for him, but sounds just great! Or we'd find some place of peace:
They welcome all-comers in the mosque gardens, it's very calm.  Of course there are other faiths:
Looks as tho' they had to squeeze in this Greek Orthodox Cathedral - wonder what's going on in there?
Oh, it's a christening!  How lucky. So in the evening you might take in the Japanese Movie Theatre:
Some shops you see in Paris are a bit odd - the Rat Catcher one is one:
Don't worry, they're stuffed, and lots more hanging up above! There's a shop where you can buy an elephant, or a bear, or butterfly arrangements, but we didn't take pix in there.  There's this lizard:
He didn't even shed his tail.Of course there's always shopping, and in Paris you can spend fast:
Don't ask the price;  I'd've loved any of them, wierd and wonderful. This last pic I must've passed so many times without noticing they are just like Triffids:
Apparently it's Art Deco, but I just think Nemo or John Wyndham.  Next entry will be June !

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