Friday, 12 December 2014

August 2014 - Mostly UK, only 6 pix!

Owing to little Bill Raffles (that's our name for him) we spend from end July to 26th August in UK, so have enough pictures to fill several albums, so be thankful you'll only see one here, as follows:
This was taken in the lovely garden of Mumtaz's parents in Leicester, where the cutting of the hair called Aquita, naming ceremony (tho' that was done a bit earlier) like a baptism, took place.  Her mother easily prepared a couple of complete outfits for Nik to wear, this being the one used on the day !
The caterpillar's toadstool from the Wedding Cake was remodelled to carry the constellation Leo (Raffle's birthsign) and a little Leo, which worked pretty well:
These principal stars in the constellation are labelled for those of you who don't know them by heart!  We had a grand time meeting up with lots of friends, too much eating and drinking of course.  Then, the day before our departure back to UK, we sold our VW Xplorer Camper we've had for 24 years, for a knock-down price for a quick sale and to save any further hassle over all the vehicles we had.  Here's what makes it so amazing, the roof space larger than its footprint.  We'll not see its like again:
It's odd now to actually own no 4-wheeled transport, having rid ourselves of 4 in this year !
Then on 26th August we returned to Auxonne for a few days:
Then on 28th we moved on to Seurre, where we literally arrived right in the middle of the France-wide championship of these power boats that look like sporty spaceships (we had an hour or so waiting mid-stream before there was a lull to allow us up to a mooring, where we had prime observing position;  we also welcomed aboard some friends from UK to observe from Archangel.
That's all for August folks !

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