Tuesday, 22 July 2014

February 2014

I've just ten pix for you, so bear with....  Firstly, who could forget Chinese New Year, well, it made a good theme for when we had some friends come to dinner.  The 'tablecloth' was Nik's design, with do-it-yourself speech bubbles for us and guests to complete:
Now a couple of nice pix of our mooring, end of day ones:
Oh and I'll sneak in a view looking the other way:
Then we took ourselves off for a week down to see some best friends in Barcelona, and en route we cheekily invited ourselves to break the journey (i.e. spend a night, it's a long way!) aboard their boat in Toulouse.  They were very hospitable and cooked us dinner, and breakfast too, and we just talked and talked !  I'm sure they won't mind a picture of them:
Gosh, doesn't my tummy stick out, and my hair!  The rest of the drive was really lovely, basically head for Andorra and turn left just at the entrance, here we are lunching just after the turn:
So the day after we arrived in Barcelona, our best friends re-jigged their schedule and we had some nice outings, first a picnic in the hills:
Then visiting a very pretty village:
So when we're left to our own devices, away from the boat, what do we do?  Well:
I won't bore you with our visit to the fabulous and fantastical cathedral in Barcelona, Gaudi's Segrada Famiglia, but here is a little thing he put together that our friends showed us:
We took a slightly shorter route back to Briare (550 miles in one day!)
I bet you can't wait for March ?!

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