Tuesday, 3 September 2013

4th August, Pont l'Eveque/Noyon

I'm being structured now.  This is about the end of the journey down to the first big junction, where we start seeing larger commercials.  The first pictue shows a narrowboat, they're crazy these Brits!

We moored at a a nice spot just above this junction, with a number of commercials, but in the morning:
We had heard there was only one restaurant here worth mention, in fact, it was the only restaurant, so we booked a table for that night, and had a lovely meal.  Here I am ignoring the view
and here's the view:
I asked the patron if it was always this busy (they really squeezed people in) and booked up, and he said yes, it's the only waterside restaurant around.  True, but odd, and odd answer.  It looked like this from the water:
We also had time to cycle quite a way to a nearby town called Noyon (nutty) which had a really old, I think 12th Century cathedral.  Sadly I forgot the camera, we hadn't expected to go so far! But that shouldn't stop me!  It looked like this:
and this is the plan, impressive isn't it.  It was lovely in the flesh, but I don't have any of that!  Next time...
So that was 4th August, I said I was being structured.  Next will be 5th to 8th August.  Where will that be?

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