Sunday, 11 August 2013

August - the beginning

Well, the last one worked so I thought I'd try again.  This will be short as it's late.  We left our second haven of Serracourt le Grand (if there's a petit, it's invisible) reluctantly and unexpectedly and luckily found a good mooring at Chauny, where we made some new friends, an English couple, and through them a French couple. So we stayed two days, and visited the town.  France likes making roundabouts a feature, here was no exception:
Those are apes of some sort, one at each corner.  We've seen all sorts of themes, it's really fun.  Bollinger is trying to make up for Burdock's absence, and thinks he has his own place at table:
But eventually we had to go, and our friends took and then sent us some pix of the departure, which we rarely have, so here we are leaving on the 4th August.  Not sure who's at the helm, oh, it's Bollinger ('79).

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