Thursday, 11 July 2013

Watten, no, very nice

This is how we get around now, well not really as we've hired 3 cars since arriving!  But in theory, the above was at the Watten Windmill site, and in the spirit of fairness here's me:

This was in Aire sur la Lys, where we had a really neat ride from boat to town, avoiding most roads, and just running the risk of entering various stretches of water.  This had the lovely building I mentioned this morning, now the Toursit Office:

Sorry, in the interest of speed, I'm not doing any mods to these pix, just as they went into the camera.  Aire was very nice, but oddly it had very little in the way of pavement bars, tho' the square really demanded it.
And there we are sitting at it, with a coke and a coffee I hope you note! It also had one of the narrowest churches I've seen:

It was actually used as a home for the elderly, slim elderly of course, so no room for us yet.  I'm going to call "Bank!" and try to publish, as this is being flakey again!

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