Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Well, well, hasn't it been a long time.  My followers must both have dispaired of logging in.  But basically, Vodphone's dongle only allows 2 GBytes/month, but also the Weather only allowed us boaters only to stay in the marina, until a week ago that is.  So, pretty dull pickings.  Here is a picture (if my dongle allows it)
What you see here comes from late January planning and early Feb for the picture, when I worked out a really clever way to use the smaller kitchen partition board to make a table, without any mods to it, and using three bits of wood just hinged together with, oh well, it's complex but only takes 1 minute 24 seconds to erect from Nik saying go!  Well, I like it!
I'll publish this now, as I'm getting tired and I've taken all evening to get Blogspot to let me back on !

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