Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Then I did something I'd never had the nerve to do before, to bid for something on ebay.  I'd never have managed any of it without masses of help from son Marius - especially as it was a fair bit of money.  I'd seen a clock in an antique shop which inspired us to buy an old Dutch clock to go on our old-style Dutch barge, then saw this one on ebay and fell for it.  I bid less than the one in the shop, but paid a lot less, even with postage from Germany - I don't understand how it works, but I like it!  The clock pic is here, then a sunset from February, if they'll load via my dingly dongle!  This all dates back to mid-early Feb.

The pic doesn't do it justice - it has angels and mermaids on it, so couldn't be better, goes for 5+ days on one wind and strikes on a bell just like a grandfather clock.  Now that sunset:

I had 5 pix and then chose the one with Nik's flower collection dominating it, as they did our greenhouse/wheelhouse - nice but rather overwhelming!  Another attempt at publishing now!


  1. Congratulations on getting the clock. Happy cruising from next weekend I gather. We should (if all goes to plan) be in Cadiz by then and on the move ourselves at last.

  2. Looks great! i'd given up on checking the blog and so now I'm busy catching up. x