Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Start of 2015 up to when we really leave Briare

I have one reason why I'm putting in this picture of us celebrating our Wedding Anniversary with a meal at Petit St. Trop in Briare, I liked it!  We did celebrate with our good friends in Briare too, thanks to them.
I'm not going to bore you with all the wonderful social life in Briare, our trips to UK, and so on.  However we did make one extraordinary visit, which took two days driving, to take our clock for repair.  Strange, or what.  Well some lovely Dutch friends from Briare suggested we ought, and what a good idea it turned out to be.  This was our Friessland or Joure Dutch pendulum clock, bought specifically for Archangel, and featured earlier.  Our friends even negotiated a maximum price for us with Joure Klockmakerij !  We stopped the night in Ghent en route, and dined in the restaurant Amadeus:

We recommend it, inexpensive and glorious dining space ! We wound up staying two nights in Joure itself, to give the clockmaker time to fix it.  In fact, he stripped it down and re-built it with all new bearings, and upgraded its appearance as we asked, a super job.  Here he is:
None of these is actually our clock.  But if you wanted a custom-made, handmade clock, then I recommend him.  We're very tempted, but we really like ours and it fits on Archangel perfectly, and the next size up just won't !  Here is the Square outside of the shop, I just like the pic. The next one is a short distance from that, near our hotel:

You'd hardly think it, but it was cold, with quite a lot of snow around, but it was also sunny and the snow yielded quite quickly.  We did some exploring while the clock was being dismantled, chiefly in Sneek:
I told you it was cold, and see, real snow.  Our return to Calais, for a UK visit, was via the magnificent town of Brugges, of which a few views:

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